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Field Tests Demonstrate That Wi-Fi® Mesh in the Home Still Requires a Wire

Wi-Fi® In-premise Problems
Written by Kinney Bacon, PE Principal Engineer Premises Technology Cox Communications, this document outlines problematic areas for Wi-Fi within buildings and solutions to those problems.

MoCA Technology, Installation Best Practices for a Home Network

Video: MOCA vs. Powerline : (Comtrend) and Homeplug AV2 (TpLink AV1000) compared

MOCA vs. Wi-Fi for Live Video Streaming to YouTube, Twitch, Facebook

In this video see how MoCA is independently tested and proves more reliable and faster than Wi-Fi Mesh.
01:17 - How MOCA works
02:29 - Outbound live stream via Wi-Fi
05:28 - Outbound live stream via MOCA
08:02 - Final thoughts