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"To all slow dissatisfied wifi customers,

Several years ago, I installed 2 Tivo wireless adapters and was very dissatisfied to say the least.

I then found out about MoCA adapters and purchased 1 to activate all of our coax outlets with the internet in our house and 1 for each of our Tivo boxes. The installation was completely done by myself and required no setup. I now have the same internet speed and bandwidth throughout our house.

Instead of Netflix taking 1 to 2 minutes to load, it now takes less than 5 seconds with no interruptions or glitches while streaming anything.

This is without a doubt the best tech move I ever made.

— Mark, Atlanta, Georgia

How installer Ryan Granko uses MoCA® technology

A Residential Retrofit
Keith Harrison, owner/operator and supreme tech guru at Total Home Technologies of Roseland, New Jersey.
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Filling the Gaps in Commercial Installations
Jay Gowda, President/ CEO and go-to guy at Audio Communications Home Theater in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
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TiVo Whole Home Network