MoCA for Residential and Commercial Retrofits

When to use MoCA technology and certified products

In most cases a retrofit environment is a coax environment.

Use MoCA technology and Certified products to

  • Increase job efficiency
  • Decrease cost overruns and time delays of rewiring (no rewiring needed)
  • Reduce your time spent on rigid EPA rules

Once you understand a retrofit customer's goals for HD video and Internet access, assess the current situation at the job site.

  • Does the customer already have an existing coax plant? Yes?
  • Use MoCA technology and coax home entertainment/Internet/security/what-have you network with as much potential as a custom Ethernet installation.

Retrofit home networking is hybrid in nature. When it comes to making existing Wi-Fi® better and moving multiple streams of HD IP video around the home, only MoCA can promise the seamless delivery and reliability that your customers demand.

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Can MoCA technology and Certified products make you revenue?

How to Install MoCA

What building materials obstruct Wi-Fi®