MoCA Technology

MoCA technology turns a building's or home's existing coaxial cable infrastructure into a dual-channel conduit delivering HD IP video content and high-capacity Ethernet connectivity to every coaxial connection in the house.

When it comes to HD IP video, reliability is king. MoCA is the king of reliability.

About coax cabling plant infrastructure:
Coaxial cable has great benefits for HD IP video:

  • Shielded wire = no interference from outside sources
  • Designed to carry video and TV signals*
  • Close to customer's TV viewing locations.

MoCA Technology uses existing coax cabling:
High bandwidth and reliability of MoCA technology is ideal for delivering multiple IP and HD multimedia streams.

  • Pipline for HD IP video and data that typically requires separate Ethernet cable run.
  • Occupies cable bandwidth not being used by CATV, DBS, or Telco.
  • Encrypts the signals automatically.
  • Certified products transmit signals over a shielded cable ensuring security.

MoCA Connected Home
Fig. 1 – The Hybrid Network Home using MoCA technology

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* up to 16 locations