Wi3, Inc. joins MoCA as Associate Member

February 22, 2011, San Ramon, CA — Wi3, Inc. is a digital networking products manufacturer offering a single-gang box slip sleeve MoCA technology based device. Wi3's membership will help bring the numerous benefits of MoCA® technology to custom installers and service providers desiring a more streamlined, in-wall Ethernet to coax adapter solution.

Pervasive in-home connectivity is the key for enabling new entertainment services. While the networked home is a blend of connected media and technologies delivering voice, data and video/entertainment, the unifying protocol is IP. MoCA technology is IP over coax. For service providers and installers specifying IPTV solutions, MoCA technology provides seamless IP-based connection to HDTVs, game consoles and PC to TV connections, for instance. MoCA technology also provides the connection without interfering with existing technologies or services already in use.

"Delivery of multiple media signals over existing coax networks in the home makes sense in retrofit, multiple dwelling units, and even new construction" said Bill Thompson, CEO of Wi3, Inc. "We are working to change the face of home networking and facilitate the growth of IPTV. Joining MoCA reinforces our commitment to using the best technology specifications and a standard for ensuring the home entertainment experience is not just good but great."

"Wi3 has developed a complete in home IPTV solution using the MoCA standard as the core transport technology in their product design. System installers, custom integrators and ultimately consumers will benefit from the ease of design and installation providing a robust experience and IPTV presence," said Charles Cerino, MoCA president."

About Wi3, Inc:
Bill Thompson founded Wi3 Inc. in 2008 building on his fifteen years as founder and CEO of UStec, an award winning industry leader in Residential Structured Wiring. Today Wi3's innovative products utilizing the MoCA technology, can deliver networking and multimedia content for IPTV, or any CE device requiring an Ethernet connection throughout the home, or business. Wi3 devices give consumers the ability to utilize their existing TV cable wiring in the home to distribute maximum and stable Internet speeds, HD TV content, movies, music and more. Wi3's unique in-wall sleeve & cartridge design provides a flexible upgrade path allowing users to interchange Wi3 cartridges in different rooms to address specific technology applications throughout the home. Wi3's complete network solutions combine Ethernet ports, Wi-Fi, and CATV. With secure patent protection, Wi3 is poised to be the exclusive provider of a built-in MoCA based Ethernet over cable network solution. For more information: http://www.wi3inc.com