nVoy Hybrid Networking

MoCA supports nVoy hybrid networking.

nVoy Hybrid NetworkingToday, consumers want to always be connected to access entertainment and information anytime, anywhere. A typical home environment contains many end devices, including Set Top Boxes (STBs), Smart TVs, desktop com- puters, laptops, peripherals, tablets, smartphones and other consumer devices connected to the home network. In the future, the devices connected to the network will also include home appliances and home-automation prod- ucts, as well as security and monitoring devices all providing a rich application and services environment. While no single home networking technology can completely meet providers’ and consumers’ needs for bandwidth and cov- erage, a hybrid network combining technologies effectively creates a system with an overall increased coverage and capacity.

nVoy technology makes hybrid home networking mainstream by certifying devices implementing the IEEE 1905.1 hybrid networking standard. HomePlug Alliance, the industry Alliance comprised of industry leaders at each level of the value chain supports nVoy certification, to ensure a well-prepared launch of a robust certification program for products implementing nVoy networking. The nVoy network interfaces and protocols work with the existing, al- ready deployed HomePlug®, MoCA® or Ethernet and Wi-Fi networks.

Network + Envoy = “nVoy”

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